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 David’s Bridal Color Palette Hexcodes & RGB Values

Want to match your wedding colors exactly with your print and digital designs? Here is a handy reference guide to the HEXCODEs and RGB settings for David’s Bridal 2015 colors:


Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Petal #fadfd6 250 223 214
  Tickled #f9c3d0 249 195 208
  Ballet #eaacad 234 172 173
  Quartz #b39398 179 147 152
  Watermelon #c53765 197 55 101
  Begonia #d90b86 217 11 134


Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Belini #fbbea9 251 190 169
  Coral Reef #f48689 244 134 237
  Guava #fa5769 250 87 105
  Punch #d9416a 217 65 106
  Apple #991d42 153 29 66
  Wine #6a2541 106 37 65
  Garnet #39011e 57 1 30

Bright & Sunny

Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Canary #ffeaa7 255 234 167
  Sunbeam #ffe35b 255 227 91
  Lemon Lime #e4e15c 228 225 92
  Tangerine #f48a32 244 138 50
  Persimmon #e23e22 266 32 34
  Cherry #bb1b41 187 27 65


Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Mint #c2e6dc 194 230 220
  Meadow #98b5a1 152 181 161
  Clover #5d9568 93 149 104
  Emerald #00794e 0 121 78
  Tarragon #29361b 41 54 27

Ocean Tones

Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Spa #81cdc9 129 205 201
  Pool #74c6d4 116 198 212
  Malibu #00b2d0 0 178 208
  Pacific #1c83b1 28 131 177
  Oasis #00829a 0 130 154
  Gem #005162 0 81 98

Out of The Blue

Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Sea Glass #e0f2f2 224 242 242
  Capri #a6d4eb 166 212 235
  Cornflower #0289cb 2 137 203
  Horizon #044b9b 4 75 155
  Blue Violet #384ea3 56 78 163
  Marine #0d3662 13 54 98
  Peacock #1b485d 27 72 93


Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Iris #bfb9d1 191 185 209
  Wisteria #906d8e 144 109 142
  Raspberry #852a77 133 42 119
  Sangria #710b4c 113 11 76
  Plum #480040 72 0 64
  Regency #482f94 72 47 148


Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Angel #fbebdc 251 235 220
  Biscotti #cab6ad 202 182 173
  Champagne #d0bfa5 208 191 165
  Cocoa #6e4a4a 110 74 74
  Truffle #483436 72 52 54


Color Name Hexcode Red Green Blue
  Silver #cbcfda 203 207 218
  Mercury #797d7e 121 125 126
  Pewter #5c606a 92 96 106
  Black #000000 0 0 0

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Hooray! You're Engaged!

The winter holidays are filled with family and love, so it’s only natural that this time of year is among the most popular for engagements. If you’re a lucky couple who recently got engaged, congratulations! As an engagement gift to you, we’re going to share the first five steps you should take to get off to a great start planning your special day:
1. Reach out personally to your friends and relatives to share the big news. the big news before your announce your engagement on social media. This is also a great time to think about wedding attendants that you would like to be involved.
2. SET the BUDGET. The first big step of wedding planning is setting the budget. You can ask your parents if they intend to contribute anything to the wedding so you can include that money in the final amount. Once that number is set, DON'T GO OVER!
3. Finalize your guest count. Yes, we mean finalize. Before you know how much money you can afford to spend on any of your wedding services, you need to know how many guests you’ll have to feed.
4. Get a wedding planner or utilize a planning resource. Whether you work with a professional planner or go the DIY route, stay organized and on a timeline to make the planning process as stress-free as possible.
5. Find a venue. It may seem more logical to set a date before selecting a venue, but being flexible on your wedding date can actually help you find the perfect venue because you’re willing to book your wedding when the venue is available. The venue may also offer discounts on certain days of the week or times of the day, so your flexibility can allow you to take advantage of that.

These five steps will help you jump-start your wedding planning. We hope that you enjoy this special time of being engaged. The big day will be here before you know it!
If you have questions about this or other wedding-related topics, please feel free to contact us.

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Your Wedding Experience Presented by David Tutera

We're are so excited to share photos from Your Wedding Experience Presented by David Tutera, with celebrity guest baker Buddy Valastro. One of the best Bridal Shows I have ever participated in! Our flowers were also showcased on The Weather Channel appearance to promote the bridal show. ‪#‎YWE2015‬ ‪#‎YWEAtlanta‬ ‪#‎DavidTutera‬ ‪#‎BuddyValastro‬ ‪#‎CakeBoss‬ ‪#‎TheWeatherChannel‬ ‪#‎elitedesignsbydaphne‬ ‪#‎weddings‬ ‪#‎bouquet‬ ‪#‎centerpieces‬

Fabric Aisle Runner WINNERS

Jessica and Ashton

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Enter to Win a Fabric Aisle Runner

If you are a Bride or Groom planning a wedding from October to December 2015 and would like to have a custom WHITE 21FT Long by 40"Wide 100% fabric (matte satin) aisle runner for your special day we invite you to enter.

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Post a picture of you and your fiance' with #EliteDesignsbyDQ3Runner, @EliteDesignsByD, #elitedesignsbydaphne. Each location will get you one entry, up to three entries per couple. Please in box or DM both names that your wish to appear on the runner, your wedding date, which design you like, and contact info. Select the design from the pictured runners 1,2, or 3. We will customize the font to match your other printed stationary. WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR INFO! The lucky couple will be announced July 1st
Number One

Number Two

Number Three


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I saw this on BuzzFeed ( and had to share.

17 Wedding Dress Diagrams That Will Simplify Your Shopping

Buying the dress just got easier.
Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Consider factors like budget and location, among others.

Consider factors like budget and location, among others.
If you’re dying for a ball gown dress, you might want to reconsider a beach wedding. Plan out your priorities so you don’t get overwhelmed while shopping.

2. Make a budget checklist.

Make a budget checklist.
And don’t forget to allow some room for expenses like alterations and a hair and makeup trial (they can sneak up on you).

3. Work backwards from your wedding date to create a timeline.

Work backwards from your wedding date to create a timeline.
If you’re buying from a bridal salon, give yourself eight months or so to find and order your dress.
And you’ll definitely want to do a final dress fitting between two weeks and a month from the big day in case there are any final alterations.

4. Know the wedding dress basics.

Know the wedding dress basics.
For your dream dress, think about: neckline, silhouette, train, and fabric.

5. Choose a silhouette.

Choose a silhouette.
You can always add to it with personalized details.

6. Decode neckline styles.

Decode neckline styles.
And think about what kind of neckline makes you feel most confident; you don’t want to feel self-conscious about a strapless dress while doing your Naomi Campbell walk down the aisle.

7. Get familiar with fabrics.

Get familiar with fabrics.
Think about the season of your ceremony (do you want a lighter or a heavier fabric?) and your preferred texture to narrow down some options.

8. Get the right fit.

Get the right fit.
One smart bit of info? You may need fewer alterations with a corset dress because you can adjust the fit yourself.

9. And know how to properly measure yourself.

And know how to properly measure yourself.
Getting the right measurements can make a huge difference if you’r shopping online or buying vintage.

10. Think about color.

Think about color.
Stark white can look very striking on a darker skin tone, while ivory can add warmth to fairer skin.

11. Decide on a train.

Decide on a train.
It can be 10 feet long or not at all.

12. Pick your sleeves.

Pick your sleeves.
Perhaps a romantic juliet sleeve? Or maybe a modern illusion will do the trick?

13. Or maybe you want a specific type of bodice?

Or maybe you want a specific type of bodice?
An embellished bodice is sometimes preferred by bustier brides. Try a few on and see if you like the effect.

14. Figure out what you should wear underneath it.

Figure out what you should wear underneath it.
Because you’d hate to splurge on a beautiful bra that creeps out of the sides of your dress.

15. Pick out the perfect veil.

Pick out the perfect veil.
Would you rather a simple blusher for a city hall wedding? Or do you want to go all out with a cathedral veil? Some brides forgo the veil altogether.

16. Think about veil fabric.

Think about veil fabric.
Would you rather go shimmery or matte?

17. And consider a headpiece.

And consider a headpiece.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Blog Hop -- Key Elements Of A Successful Floral Contract

Welcome to our March Blog Hop!
This month we are focusing on all things Spring to help you in the process of planning your wedding or event. Get ready for some great ideas, inspiration and how to as you move along through the blog hop.

You may just be starting the blog hop or may have come from Nikki Michel at Ciao Bella Weddings;  If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you make sure to see and learn from all of the articles featured here today.

Getting Exactly What You Want When Working With Floral Vendors

Planning your wedding is one of the most important times of your life, so it is essential to be specific about what you want when working with vendors for your big day. Getting the results you desire can sometimes be easier said than done due to a variety of reasons,  vendor talent, supply quality and overall artistic aesthetic. To avoid wedding day heartache over your floral design, it is extremely important to have a detailed flower contract that outlines what you expect from your florist. We at Elite Design hope that these tips will help you design a contract that will help you get the best possible outcome for your desired floral arrangements on your wedding day. 

1.    Specific Flower Names - When it comes to your floral contract it is important that the exact names of the flowers to be used for your event design are made very clear. For example there are several types of rose and you want to be on the same page to avoid any confusion. 

To get a basic knowledge of flower names of flowers and what they look like visit:

2.    Wedding Flowers Color Preference- This is also an important part of your floral contract. Color is based on how we perceive it, because it it is imperative to provide a swatch. Including swatches is a great way to promote direction on the colors you wish to be used. With that being said you must keep in mind that each flower is a unique creation by nature. Kelly Green is different from Lime green and can impact the total look and feel of your wedding day experience. 

3.   Bouquet Size and the Ratios of Flowers- We suggested providing picture of what you have in mind to give a clear picture of the look you want.  There is nothing worst that getting your bouquet which you dreamed would be flooded with roses, only to find a few roses and a mass of babies breath. You also want to be mindful of your frame and that of your bridesmaids. You would want a petite person overpowered by a massive bouquet or visa versa. 

 4.    List of Rentals- Knowing what’s to be returned to your florist at the end of your wedding day will also eliminate lots of confusion. And can also help save on cost. Look for creative options, such as high quality silk centerpiece rentals and purchase only the items from your bridal party.

5.    Breakdown of Duties- What the florist will do verse what other vendor are responsible for is very important. This will make the setup and take down of your event more seamless. This can be worked out by your wedding planning and we suggest providing this information to all vendors so they can work well together.

 6.     Date, Place and Time of Delivery- This may seem like a no brainer but omitting these simple details can spell disaster for keeping your timeline on track. Fresh flowers have a shelf life; it is important that this be respected. This part of the contract should be very bold and concise. Example: The Empire Hotel, 1234 Main Street, N.Y. 10012. The Rockefeller Room, access at 12PM.

7.    Rain Plan- Mother nature has a mind of her own. Make sure that your floral contract includes what will be done should adjustments have to be made for rain.

 8.    Cancellation Policy- Make sure that you understand this part and should a changes be made to your floral order you adhere to the dates set in this part. Flower usually must be ordered in advance; so giving proper heads up to your florist is important. This will also make it clear what is your obligation should you have to cancel or reschedule and what type if any reimbursement you will be entitle to.

9.    Payment Schedule- Like any other element of your wedding day, flowers have a cost. Knowing when payments are expected will keep you on budget as well as keep supplies ordering schedule on time.
10.  Miscellaneous- Trying including any other requirements that don’t fit into the previous section of your contract. Because being as detailed as possible will make for a smooth floral contract.

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