Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Top Wedding Flowers 2015

1. Wedding Protea

Protea wedding flowers will be popular in 2015 with modern brides that want to make a statement. Proteas are a stunning flower named after the Greek god Proteus. They come in various sizes ranging from the larger grapefruit-sized blooms of the King Protea to the smaller protea buds that are similar to an artichoke bud in shape and texture. The pin cushion protea, or needle protea, are available in a variety of bright colors, and will also be chosen as a distinctive tropical accent in wedding bouquets and wedding floral centerpieces in 2015.

2. Wedding Succulents

Succulents are still a strong choice for brides in 2015. The range of shapes, sizes, and unique looks of succulents make them a great choice for wedding bouquets and wedding table centerpieces. Faux succulents are a good choice since they look so real, will last and last, and are easy to use to create wedding bouquets and centerpieces months ahead of the wedding date. Bouquets will wow with a mix of flowers and a few choice succulents. Modern and geometric wedding themes will be making use of succulents in wedding décor in 2015.

3. Wedding Peonies

Peonies are a consistent favorite for weddings, and this year will be no different. Soft cream and pink peonies will be perfect choices for pastel weddings. Faux Peony buds in surprising aqua, coral, purple and grey will provide a pop of luxurious color for brides creating a distinctive look for their modern, vintage, and boho wedding themes.

4. Wedding Hydrangea

This versatile flower will continue to delight brides in their 2015 weddings. Hydrangeas can be lush and romantic, lending a soft feel to vintage and rustic weddings in cream, pink, and baby blue shades. Hydrangeas will also have their place in country western weddings. They will be found in deeper shades such as deep red hydrangeas and dark blue hydrangeas. Hydrangeas will be found in DIY floral garlands, wedding bouquets, and wedding centerpieces.

5. Wedding Greenery

Greenery will be all the rage in 2015. Brides will choose table runners, bouquets, centerpieces and hanging garlands filled with lush ferns, seeded eucalyptus, sedum, moss, and salal leaves to name a few. Bouquets will be spilling over with green leaves in a full, natural look. Table runners will be composed of greenery with flowers placed among the leaves. Centerpieces - high and low - will have beautiful greenery as a background to floral focus pieces. Some weddings will go as far as using greenery almost exclusively among wood accents for an earthy woodland look.

6. Wedding Flowers Backdrop

Floral backdrops are a beautiful trend that will gain momentum in 2015. Weddings will feature a range of options from full, lux floral walls to fun flower letters on a cloth backdrop. For some couples, the traditional wedding arch will be replaced with a wall of flowers. These backdrops will be created in a range of colors and flowers types. Even brides who DIY their flower backdrop will find that they benefit from the ease and beauty of using faux flowers in their backdrop designs.

7. Wedding Floral Table Runners

Long farm tables with lush greenery-filled table runners will be a trend many couples will choose for their 2015 wedding day reception. These lush green runners will be filled with solid greenery or combined with flowers. These luxurious runners double as the centerpiece for the wedding table.

8. Wedding Floral Crowns

Brides will be wearing floral crowns filled with green leaves and large, full blooms. This look was inspired by the boho trend, and is a fun accessory for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls in weddings. The floral crowns in 2015 will tend toward larger, full crowns with luscious blooms in pastels or bright blooms that coordinate with wedding colors.

9. Floral Wristlets and Anklets

Flowers will be very wearable in 2015, and corsage wristlets are making a comeback on the wedding scene. Full, open blooms worn on the wrist will add a romantic touch to the wedding day ensemble. Watch out for flower anklets making appearances on boho and beach brides. This fun and quirky trend will add a unique touch to a brides look.

10. Wedding Bouquet Bling

Brides will be adding a touch of sparkle and glam to their bouquets this year. Bouquet jewelry will be a popular way for brides to add a unique touch of bling to their flower bouquets. Some will add simple rhinestone picks to the center of blooms. Others will add larger bouquet jewelry pieces as elements in their bouquets. The bling in bouquets trend will be fit well with many wedding themes, from glam to rustic chic.

Top Wedding Themes 2015

1. Bohemian Wedding

Bring on the Boho Wedding in 2015! This trend will dominate the wedding scene with care-free bohemian touches in wedding fashion and décor. Large flowers such as peonies and dahlias, along with colorful wild flower-inspired bouquets and centerpieces will help create that boho look. Wedding hairstyles will be loose and free-flowing. Fabrics with Moroccan or Indian patterns will also add the free spirit feel of the boho wedding trend.

2. Backyard Garden Party

Why not use your backyard for a wedding reception? Many wedding couples will be choosing this option in 2015. Backyard weddings fit in with the DIY spirit so popular with brides. Couples can save money on the venue and make their wedding special by choosing their own home for their reception. Backyard weddings will have a relaxed and fun feel, and decoration choices will tend towards rustic with colorful touches. Big balloons, trees strung with lights, homemade greenery arches, and vintage tables and furniture will be popular decoration choices for the backyard wedding.

3. Lux Wedding

Luxurious weddings are making a comeback in 2015. Flower walls, tall, full centerpieces, and rich, deep hues will be part of the lavish look of lux weddings. Many brides will choose to create the lux look on a budget with faux flowers. Flower walls and floral runners can be created with faux flowers ahead of time and are easier on the wedding budget.

4. Modern Geometric Wedding

Couples who like the modern style will choose geometric shapes as the focal point for their wedding theme in 2015. Clean lines and hard-edge geometric patterns and designs will be feature in wedding decorations, paired with bold and bright colors. Romance will be incorporated with unique flower choices such as protea, spider mums, and succulents.

5. Western Wedding

From wild west touches to barn inspired looks, the country western will be a popular wedding trend in 2015. Brides will don their cowboy boots and grooms their cowboy hats. Wedding tables will be covered in gingham, and centerpieces will be rustic tin or wood containers filled with sunflowers and daisies. Burlap, twine, and cotton stalks will be the perfect touches for creating that rustic country western wedding look.

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